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First step, Into the North
How long will this road venture on?
Footsteps fade, beneath southern snow
Carry me away from my home
The woods, they seem to move,
Full of life inside the cold
So I breathe it in
Watch the earth begin to spin.

The snow falls light
And it whispers in my mind
Just Find yourself
Loose track of time
Just drift away
Drift away

Snow capped Mountains
Stand alone
This day is strong,
and beckons me carry on
Water runs near
My thoughts become clear
Everything you need
Everything is here
The river, bends to the north
Teaming with every shade of white
So I drink it in
Feel my mind begin to swim

In Alaska on my own

Freedom is a river
In the caverns of time
Your body is a raft
Let go of the line
And drift away
Drift away

Words fill my head
Well what are words?
Out here alone
So I let them go,
Watch them dance away
Drift between the flakes of snow, feel the cold
Celebrate the road

Now this path that I have chosen
Is now the path I Own
It's the best damn thing, that I ever was
So no more calling out for home
I am lost
But I am found
Freedom turned my life around
So I feed the change
Slowly watch the sunlight fade

Meet me at the dawn


from The Elusive Album, released February 3, 2017


tags: rock Portland


all rights reserved


Bobby Ray Portland, Oregon

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